Tuesday, August 16, 2011


 I can't get blogger to orient the photos correctly, so we'll just have to make do with them the way they are.  These are a few spoons that I've carved out of Maple the last couple of days.  I roughed them all out with the axe at once, and I knifed them in a couple of sessions.  Once they have a few days to dry out, I'll give my knife a fresh sharpening and finish them out.

Below I included a picture to show the variations in side profile I tried with this batch.  The deep one is the flat front scoop pictured above, and the straight is one of the small spoons near the hook knife.

For these spoons I took down a small Maple sapling, maybe 3-4" diameter at the base, and roughed out this batch within the first hour of having it down.  Sometimes I forget how much easier greenwood is to work than the dry or semi-dry stuff I have laying around.  With these small, fairly straight spoons I can get close to the 10 minute mark for a halfway decent spoon.  I might do a video later today in real-time of carving one.

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