Right now I largely end up building shop furniture and quick-and-dirty tools for my own use, so nothing really worthy of display.  This page is to showcase my "display" pieces.  

Picture Frame in Cherry with Danish Oil finish.  Half lap dovetails at the corners.  (Frame is rectilinear, curve is due to lens distortion in camera.)

I decided to also add in my various tools and shop furniture, to have pictures in one easy place:
 Timber-frame style bent for saw-horse work.  Pressure treated 6x6.

 Spoons carved from Maple
 (Above and below) Marking gauge with Maple body and Maple and Cherry beams.

 Small Maple bodied plane with cutting iron made from a file.
 Dovetailed Yellow Pine shop box.
Workbench in pressure treated 6x6, dimensional Douglas Fir, and Yellow Pine, with Maple vise chop.  Styled after Roy Underhill's Roubo inspired workbench, all handcut joints.