This is a long list of links that I think are valuable.  Most are related to woodworking.  The Norse Woodsmith site is a great page on its own, but the feed aggregator that he put together is an amazing thing.  It allows me to stay updated on dozens of blogs with the single click of a button.  I often read that while I enjoy my breakfast.  Most of the other blogs listed below accumulate on this site, but they're worth listing separately.  Robin Wood's great greenwood working blog Peter Follansbee's famous blog  (Awesome peek into the world of a high end plane maker) (I really wish I could read dutch)  (A great resource for greenwood working)  (More greenwood working projects) (Very interesting page that shows a lot of Vietnamese woodworking tools) (Lots of cool handtool projects, including a toolbox and a portable workbench) (Terrific spoon carving blog.  His spoons are fairly simple but very elegant)

Tool Sources: (My favorite place to shop for tools online, or at least the one that gets the most of my money!) (My favorite place to get Mora knives)

 Design Inspiration: (A few interesting new-agey sort of designs, but interesting)  (Some amazing toolboxes),category,Workbenches.aspx (All of the blog entries that Chris Schwarz has written on workbenches) (Some very cool things.  Lots of less-than-practical fashion-ey stuff, but lots of more practical furniture and things mixed in)

The Ikea catalog.  Look in the background - there are a lot of cool things not for sale.  Some of their pieces would also be nice in solid, unpainted wood.

Great Video Clips:,a1364145,1,f,103007/pb,a1364142,1,f,103007/pl,v,,1371063/sb,k103004,1,f,103007 (Antique Swedish carving video-making clogs the old fashioned way) (A few seasons of Roy Underhill's awesome show.  The episodes tend to be brief and a bit "light", but they offer a great introduction to many topics, and it's good to see examples of different options performed by a pro) (This is a long video, but really worth it) (Clicking on the links at the top of the page will direct you to different videos of traditional Japanese tools being made) (This is a great old TV show episode.  It's amazing some of the things they do with only an axe)

More to come!