Friday, July 22, 2011

Official Day One

Today was the first official day of the Wason Pond Bridge project.  We spent the day building sawhorses.  We will end up with 10 pair, 20 horses total.  We built these assembly line style, doing them one operation at a time.  We're a little more than halfway done with final assembly, and the rest of the horses will take probably no more than an hour or two to finish up if we have a few guys doing them.  My little Makita impact driver really got a workout today!  I even had to change the battery a couple of times.  

Some of the timber was also sorted out and prepared for the preparations.

Today was very hot, I think I probably drank over 4 liters of liquid and I still felt dehydrated and overheated.  A dip in the pond at the end of the day felt great.

Below you can see the weir that the bridge will span. 

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