Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Beginning

Yesterday after work I emptied out my car and started to pack by piling all my tools on the ground around the trunk.  It was at this point that I realized I was in trouble.  Luckily I got nearly all of it in without too much difficulty, and even had room for some camping gear and a bag of clothes.  I left behind one toolbox and a few miscellaneous tools that I don't anticipate needing.

This morning I took my time getting up, loading the last couple of things, and hitting the road shortly before 11.  After a largely uneventful drive, I arrived at Wason Pond in Chester, NH at about 2.  I met a couple of the other early birds (official arrival day is tomorrow), and I'm now at McDonalds a few miles down the road enjoying a cold drink and some internet.  Today was hot.  I think I'll be taking another dip in the pond when I get back.

Here are a couple shots of the site and the lumber.  In the second photo, the concrete you can see toward the end of the wood stacks are the two sides of the span for the bridge, about 18 or 20 feet by eye.  Tomorrow is going to be setup day and I need to sharpen a few things I ran out of time for this past week.

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