Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I've been carrying my tools either in a small duffel or in my bike pannier buckets made from cat litter buckets. Not very organized or convenient. I collected some scraps from the site I've been working on, some 1x8 ship lap pine, and some old 1x12 pine. I also have some scrap plywood in a couple of different thicknesses. I drew up a plan for a toolbox after thinking on it for a few days, and my finished product ended up being fairly similar to what I was conceptualizing.

The bottom is a single 1x12, the ends are plywood, and the sides are the 1x8 pine with compartments attached. The false bottom is plywood, and removable. The drawer is plywood. When it arrives in the mail, I'll be using magnets to more firmly fix the drawer shut, and applying some low-friction tape for all the contact surfaces.

No power tools again. I can't find the charger for my cordless drill, and I didn't feel like getting out the circular saw. All of the cuts are actually much straighter than I can cut with a circular saw, and I'm pretty good with one. The box was built with a large number of the tools that you can see in it.

Ready to go to work!

Not a light toolbox, especially when loaded.

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  1. too danm sexy baybay.. . .

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