Thursday, September 23, 2010

Auger Bit Storage Roll

I decided to forgo putting a divider in the drawer of my toolbox for my auger bits in favor of creating this leather roll to store them. I used some of my 2-3 oz (?) leather that I ordered last year by accident. It varies in thickness, but on average is like a heavy canvas. It's difficult to stitch by hand, so I thought I would stop at the point you see in the photo before my finger tips started bleeding.

I still have nearly all of the dividers to stitch, and then I have to repeat the whole thing over on the opposite long edge. This will allow me to store my bits alternately, which is best for preserving their cutting edges. This project really makes me wish I had a leather sewing machine. I might use my sewing awl on the next side. This project doesn't really require lockstitch, but it wouldn't hurt.

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