Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wason Pond Covered Bridge Ribbon Cutting

Today was the ribbon cutting at the Wason Pond covered bridge in Chester, NH that I posted about back in July.  I drove up yesterday after work, stopping in Boston to pick up my friend Emma who also worked on the bridge for a time, as well as spending a good chunk of time in Poland .  We arrived at about 11, set up the tent and crashed.  The ribbon cutting was only announced earlier this week, maybe Wednesday, so we weren't sure how many of the framers, or locals for that matter, would show up.  There was a pretty good turnout, and it was good to see some of the friends that I made on this project.  It was also nice to go for a dip in the pond again, though the water was quite a bit icier than the tepid bathtub water it was in July.

Chuck Myette, the local that spearheaded the bridge, saying a few words of appreciation for all those involved.

It was also great to see the bridge 100% done, with the portals enclosed, siding up, and the end posts enclosed against the elements.  For more information on how this went down, head on over to the blog of the man in charge, Will Truax.  Its really something to see a project like this standing in place, where it will most likely be for the next hundred years at least, and know that I played a part in putting it together.  A bit of a different feeling from replacing someone's back deck, which is what I'm working on now.

In a case of "Its a small world after all", my friend Emma from Boston was telling me about someone she knows that started following this blog, and noticed that some of the events I am writing about echoed those that he was hearing about from her, so put two and two together.  Its amazing how small the world is getting these days.


  1. Hey Simon - Thanks for the shoutout, and it was good to see even some of the distant attendees fold into the dedication, and a really sharp ax used in a ribbon cutting!

  2. Hey Simon- great blog. It's me who made the Emma connection. Small world indeed!

  3. Hey Simon - Nice posts on the Chester bridge project. You did well! Read through most of your other posts and very interesting. After the NH bridge I went home and finished a 32 foot Town Lattice in South Wayne, WI. You can see the progress on my bridges2thefuture blogspot. Also some work I am doing on a 150 year old log cabin for fun. Hope we meet up again on another Guild project. Dick