Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spoon Crazy

 I've been loving the spoons lately.  Above is a pair of Cherry spoons I carved (along with two others) while visiting with family last weekend.  The week before I had finally stockpiled a handful of completed spoons, and was quite enjoying fondling them.  There's something about multiples of items like that I so enjoy.  Then my hip aunt got her eyes on them and took custody of several, including the other two Cherry spoons, which were fairly similar to the two pictured.  Oh well, back to carving.

Below is a pair of Maple spoons that I roughed out tonight.  I'm attending a wedding this coming weekend, and I think a few spoons will make a suitable gift.  I have to carve at least one more, because I realized too late that the groom is a lefty, and I made these both righty.  These are pretty good sized, that's about a 4" knife blade.  Perfect for cooking or serving.  I'll let them dry out for a couple of days and then finish them up.  You may notice the funky handle on the one-sometimes, despite my best intentions, the wood is just too stubborn.  It will get some more shaping when I finish them, so it looks less like I cut off a chunk by accident and more like a cool, funky handle.


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