Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Finished Picture Frame

I finished up the picture frame the other day and delivered it. To finish it I glued the joints together, gave it a few coats of Danish Oil, and matted the picture.

Below are a couple pictures of a new beam I made for my marking gauge, in an attempt to cut out the rabbets in the frame, but the Cherry was too hard and brittle for that idea to work. I made the blade from a hacksaw blade, which it turns out is a little on the flexible side. The blade kept bending out and following the grain. At some point I'll make a new blade out of some thicker steel.

The nice thing about this style of marking gauge is that it's not too difficult to quickly whip up a new beam if you have a special need. I'm considering making a couple of beams with pins set for my most commonly used mortise chisels. It might get done in a couple of years.

The other day, I also finally took the time to grind on my hook knife. It's the Frost small diameter hook knife, which I got over the summer. I sharpened it up then, but I was never 100% satisfied with the grind that it had. It performed well enough, and got the job done, but it was getting dull again so I figured I might as well do a good job as long as I had nothing better to do for a few minutes. Hook knives are difficult to grind, but not impossible. I ended up thinning out the grind right behind the edge, which reduces the resistance the edge meets in the wood. I'm much happier with the knife now, but I'd still like to get a hold of one of Del Stubbs' hooks. Those things are beautiful.

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